How you can benefit as a PomSports Venue:

Your venue is valuable, so our goal is to best facilitate and prepare your venue to bring in the most amount of traffic in the least amount of time. Our PomSports Venue Partners (PVPs) are meticulously planned by our team and are designed in a manner geared toward maximizing traffic to venues.

As a PomSports Venue, we bring athletes and coaches to your venue directly by listing your venue on our exclusive listing service found on our website and on our app which is available on iPhone and Android. In addition, the coaches and athletes that use your venue will all be scheduled and facilitated by PomSports. This means you don’t have to worry and can sit back as we bring the traffic to your venue for your benefit! Briefly, here’s what PomSports can do for your venue:

Matchmaking - we bring athletes and coaches to your venue

Scheduling - we schedule the games and coaching sessions to fit your venue

Exposure - benefit from PomSports listing your venue on our app and website for maximum traffic generation

Ease of Use - we take care of the leg work so you can relax!

Here’s What PomSports Does For Venues:

Traditionally, venues do not maximize their sports facilities and resources to their maximum potential. With PomSports, traditional sports venues, centers, arenas, as well as indoor and outdoor sporting spaces will be transformed using the PomSports model to generate exposure, bring in foot traffic, and create the events/scheduling system needed to profit from these spaces.

PomSports brings traffic straight to your venues for FREE. Here’s how the revenue model works:

1. For a monthly subscription fee, your venue is listed on PomSports’ online venue locator tool found on our website and app. In addition, your venue will also be listed across our social media platforms where we highlight your venue and its facilities.

2. We provide the traffic and lead generation to your facility through our PomSports network.

3. With maximum exposure through PomSports your venue can use the traffic we send to maximize facility use and profit.

Join the Movement

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