Community Guidelines


Our Goal 


First and foremost, PomSports should be a safe, enjoyable, and fun environment for everyone. We designed these rules to ensure this goal is met. Because whether you’re a partner wanting to earn money as a coach or you’re a player looking for others to play sports with your behaviour matters. Please take a moment to read PomSports’s Community Guidelines. 


Safety First


We all want to be able to enjoy playing our favourite sports with each other safely. Check out our PomSports Coach and Player Tips. Please follow local and national law. If you’re involved in a match with another team/player or in a training session with a coach always make sure you verify the identity of the person you are matching with (profile pic, name, and purpose). As a coach, please make sure you have verified your location prior to meeting with a player and verify the player the identity of the player you are training. All PomSports users should remain professional, courteous, and respect the rules of the courts, fields, rinks, and centres they play within. 




PomSports is all about respecting each other and the spaces we occupy. Treat others players, coaches, and venues with the same respect you expect yourself to receive. Being respectful means showing good sportsmanship, being honest with your reviews, and keeping a clean and polite environment before, during, and after your matches. The more respect we show to each other and the places we play the better PomSports is for everyone out there! 


Parents/Guardians and Children

Only adults can have a PomSports account. A child can have an account under the account of their parent or guardian. A parent or guardian must be using the account and must be with their child at all times to facilitate participation before, during, and after using PomSports. No child is allowed to make an account for PomSports. All parents must create their own account and must be using the account and with their children during matches in order to ensure the safe participation of all children and people of all ages.




We want everyone on PomSports to have the best experience every time our app is used. We understand that sometimes athletes or coaches may have to cancel. If you are an athlete and cancel more than 24 hours before your scheduled coaching session then there will be no cancellation fee. If you are an athlete and cancel within 24 hours of a scheduled coaching session then there will be a cancellation fee in the amount of 50% of the cost of the coaching session. For example, if you schedule a coaching session which you cancelled less than 24 hours in advance and the cost of the coaching was $50 then you will pay a $25 cancellation fee. If a coach cancels the coaching session less than 24 hours in advance then there will be no fee charged to the athlete. 


Feedback and Ratings


At PomSports, we want you to be able to grow as a player, athlete, or coach. Feedback allows the PomSports community to become a better place for everyone. 







Customer Service


Honesty and Integrity