Here’s what PomSports does for athletes:

PomSports is today and tomorrow’s solution to the costly, slow and often exasperating traditional method of finding teams, finding coaches, and athlete development. All you have to do is register for PomSports, search for the game, coach, or team you prefer, and get playing instantly or set something up for a later date. Now, PomSports puts athletes, coaches, scouts, and everything sports matchmaking at your fingertips.

PomSports makes it so athletes have an app where they can go to find pickup games, coaches, and brand themselves to sports professionals. If you are looking for someone to play a pickup game of basketball all you need to do is get on the app and you can find people near you to play any sport with!

That's not all! If you're an athlete and want to develop your skillset to make it to the next level then you can also our app to find coaches who can train you. It takes a lot of coaches and coaching to make a great athlete and now with PomSports all you have to do is hop on our app and find the coach that best suits your athletic needs.

Finally, PomSports is giving all athletes a place to shine and be found. Create a profile for free and post about your accomplishments and develop your sports story so you can get seen by the coaches and professionals on our app!"

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